Behind Blue Eyes

Well, well, well.

When we last left our hero, he was in the midst of surviving the drama of his parents completing a cross-country move.  We are happy to report that all parties made the 1800 mile journey intact and are now living safe and sound (at least SAFE, if not SOUND) at Grandma Sue and Grandpa Butch’s house in Downers Grove, Illinois.

We have finally found a place to call home temporarily; we move into our townhouse on July 8th.  For Nathan and I, it cannot come fast enough.  With all the stuff crammed in storage, we are constantly wishing we had this or that (this week it is Nathan’s khakis and the scanner, last week I was itching to re-read the Twilight series again), and I think there is a delicate aroma developing in my old bedroom – it was not made for housing this many warm bodies.  Washing the sheets and vaccuming and opening the window just aint cutting it.  We need room to stretch out.

Finn doesne’t seem to mind AT ALL; he gets all sorts of attention from Grandma and Grandpa, and he gets to sleep in the same room as Mom and Dad.  As the days go on, his eyes are getting lighter and lighter blue, and I am finally starting to see what everyone is talking about; he does look just like Nathan.  He is about 13.5 pounds now and has outgrown all of his pajamas.  We had to take an emergency run to Target just so his little piggies wouldn’t be squished in the feet of his tiny jammies.  He is a happy baby in the mornings, but resorts to screaming at about six in the evenings.  He sleeps great during the day.  Bedtime is still a work in progress, shall we say.

I miss Spokane a little, but I still feel like we are on vacation and will return any day now.  The humidity here in Chicago means that Walter’s skin is never dry and my hair is always fuzzy.

May your skin be dry and your hair be frizz free.


The Many Adventures of Finny the Pooh

He is growing up so fat – oh, I mean FAST!  So much to report; but they are only reports that we dorkheimer parents get excited about.  Finn is smiling all the time now, but mostly only to his dad.  (I think it is because Nathan has a funny looking face; I laugh at it all the time.)  But, bright and early on Mother’s Day, he gave me the biggest, cutest grin – and it was not gas!  I figure it was mostly in appreciation of the 5:30am feeding.  We keep trying to capture it on film, but so far, nothing.

He is also picking his head up and holding it up all by himself now!  It is amazing.  He picks it right up, then balances it on his skinny, short little neck, and then he goes into what Nathan affectionately refers to as the “death wobble” and crashes back down.  Never fear, we keep him on well-padded surfaces at all times.

The most amazing thing of all is that he has started mimicking us.  Nathan sticks out his tongue, Finn sticks out his (or trys to, you can see the determination in his eyes).  Nathan repeats this action at least 45 times a day, and I think we are getting about a 25% success rate.  Finn has also started to reach out and grab things.  While in his activity gym, he loves to bat around the rattles and rings.  

We simply cannot get enough of it!  We have been taking pictures like crazy!  I know, some of them are REALLY blurry, but they were just so cute anyway!  The one of him with his mouth wide open was just after he was smiling.  Oh, and those are Nathan’s hairy legs, not mine.  I have gotten lazy in the self-grooming department, but I’m not at that point yet.  YET…

Over and out from the Parent ‘Hood.

~Lisa “Red Sparrow” Martinez

Isn’t he lovley? Isn’t he wonderful?

Okay, here are a few random pictures.  I know it is cliche, but we really do have the cutest baby ever born.  Period.

A visit from Grandma!

After a few weeks with no one for company but Mom and Dad, little Finn met his Grandma Sue for the first time!  Like a lot of Grandmas, Grandma Sue got Finn lots of new clothes; there was a lot of shopping going on!  

She also brought lots of cool gifts from her friends at work  – a great bib (that says “I love Grandma, of course!) and a Glowworm!  Finn loves his new friend – who can resist the hypnotic glowing face of a Glowworm?  It puts him into a total trance, which is a good thing – the vibrating chair has lost a little bit of its allure for him…

All in all, it was a wonderful visit.  It was hard for Grandma to leave (she has already called to say she misses him) and it was hard for Mom to see Grandma leave, too.  Only five more grandparents to meet!

Look how fat Lisa was!

Here it is… from start to finish.  From 6 weeks to 38 weeks, here is the lovley timeline of how much I grew.  The last picture was taken the night before Finn was born.  Whew; what great timing!



We figured we would wait to see Finn’s pretty little belly button before we gave him his first bath; many less restrictions on bathing, you see.  Turns out, that little umbilical cord is more stubborn than Finn’s Grandpa Tom.  Little Finn’s hair started to get a little greasy, so we abandon our plan and threw caution to the wind.  Sponge bath it is!  To our surprise, no crying out of the little one; it seems he likes the water.  Maybe we have the next Michael Phelps on our hands.  Minus the whole pot smoking thing…

Baby gets an iPod

C’mon, this is Nathan’s child, is he not?  Nathan has turned over his rarely used shuffle to Finn, already loaded up with the hippest lullabies and classical music – what all the other kids his age are into at this very moment.  We got him a tiny litle speaker; Nathan clipped it to his mobile.  

I mean, geeze, Dad, that repetitious music-box-Rock-a-Bye-Baby is SOO last century.

Hospital Photos

Not his best shots, that’s for sure!  They make him look like he is up for the Worlds Chubbies Cheeks Contest, but if you want to order them, you can from the site.  Also, if anyone wants high res pics of what we have taken, just pop me an email at and I will send them to you so you can print them for free.  🙂  

Here is the link:


If you have problems, then go to and seach by customer number.  Ours is 15121-2633-32122.

The day the music died… Rather, the day it got pooped on.

Today Finn literally (and I mean literally, not figuratively) pooped across the room. 


Disclaimer:  Images may be graphic and too intense for some viewers.  Viewer discretion is advised.

As shown in Figure A, changing table is exactly 3.5 (we measured) feet from the wall.  Eyewitnesses state that said baby was sans diaper at the time of the incident.  As a diaper change was in progress, Griffin Alexander Martinez let a juicy one rip – and did so with such a force that it flung debris nearly four feet across the room and on to the wall; soiling his father’s guitar in the process.  Splatter patterns indicate the perpetrator may have either been eating way too much dried fruit and bran, or he is on a strict diet of breast milk.  Further findings will be posted as the investigation continues.


Seriously, I had NO idea this was possible.  I did not think that cleaning poop off a wall and a guitar was something I would be doing in week one of parenthood.  They forgot to mention THAT in What to Expect While You are Expecting.  It is the revised edition and everything.



Chillin Around the House (a.k.a. Lazy Days)

A baby will make love stronger,

days shorter,

nights longer,

bankroll smaller,

home happier,

clothes shabbier,

the past forgotten,

and the future worth living for.  

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