Behind Blue Eyes

Well, well, well.

When we last left our hero, he was in the midst of surviving the drama of his parents completing a cross-country move.  We are happy to report that all parties made the 1800 mile journey intact and are now living safe and sound (at least SAFE, if not SOUND) at Grandma Sue and Grandpa Butch’s house in Downers Grove, Illinois.

We have finally found a place to call home temporarily; we move into our townhouse on July 8th.  For Nathan and I, it cannot come fast enough.  With all the stuff crammed in storage, we are constantly wishing we had this or that (this week it is Nathan’s khakis and the scanner, last week I was itching to re-read the Twilight series again), and I think there is a delicate aroma developing in my old bedroom – it was not made for housing this many warm bodies.  Washing the sheets and vaccuming and opening the window just aint cutting it.  We need room to stretch out.

Finn doesne’t seem to mind AT ALL; he gets all sorts of attention from Grandma and Grandpa, and he gets to sleep in the same room as Mom and Dad.  As the days go on, his eyes are getting lighter and lighter blue, and I am finally starting to see what everyone is talking about; he does look just like Nathan.  He is about 13.5 pounds now and has outgrown all of his pajamas.  We had to take an emergency run to Target just so his little piggies wouldn’t be squished in the feet of his tiny jammies.  He is a happy baby in the mornings, but resorts to screaming at about six in the evenings.  He sleeps great during the day.  Bedtime is still a work in progress, shall we say.

I miss Spokane a little, but I still feel like we are on vacation and will return any day now.  The humidity here in Chicago means that Walter’s skin is never dry and my hair is always fuzzy.

May your skin be dry and your hair be frizz free.



  1. Kelly Thompson Said:

    Soo good to see your update. The summer weather seems to finally be creeping in to Spokane and I believe everyone is feeling the need to be out in it. I almost forgot that I did what you did with a move and a baby. Morgan was 5 days old and my older sister has us and all her baby parifanila packed into my nephews room. There was about 2by2 square foot of actual floor space. I can appreciate your experience is what I am saying. I was at my sisters for 3 months before my appartment came open. Speaking of Morgan is in Montana and I have been missing having her around. Those kids do seem to grow on ya. 🙂 I

  2. Lisa Said:

    Nice update but I think it is time for another. 🙂

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